Borderlands 2 Hardcore One-Life-To-Live Community Challenge

The Borderland 2 One-Life-To-Live community challenge is a twitch streaming challenge open to the public. The main two purposes for this challenge is to have fun and raise money for charity! Each person participating in the challenge has the given time period to get a Borderlands 2 character to as high of a level as possible while adhearing to the one-life-to-live rules (listed below). There is no limit to the number of charcters that can be played during the time but all characters must be started and completed within the time period. The winner of the challenge will get bragging rights and a special prize at the end (TBD).
Throughout the challenge we encourage all participants to send viewers to the charity donation. The link for this page can be found under the charity section.
The challenge is open to anyone with Borderlands 2 on any platform. All participants must stream the entire playthrough of the character for it to count in the challenge.

If you would like to participate please go HERE to the leader board and click the "Sign Up" button in the top right.

For a list of participants and current progress go HERE to the leader board.
The challenge will be done from 12:00 am EST April 1st 2017 till 11:59 pm EST April 30st 2017.
The following are the rules for one-life-to-live. PLEASE remember that the spirit of the challenge is to raise money for charity and have FUN. If you feel wrong about doing something, don't do it!!
Note that some rules have been modified/added
  • Must stream the entire run on twitch
  • Must enable past broadcasts, for more information please go HERE.
  • Solo play only
  • If you die the run is over
  • Going into fight for you life is ok but you cannot save/quit while in FFYL
  • Badass rank must be disabled
  • No glitches or EXP exploits or weapon merging or use of cheat/editing/MODing software
  • No skipping of story fights (enimies required to move the mission forward) such as Overlook
  • No "cheezing" of bosses/enimes (i.e. placing yourself in a spot that you cannot be attacked in but can attack enimies), this include hiding on the rocks above the Snowman arena or nade jumping to the top of Pyro Petes arena
  • Game must be fully patched to the current update
  • No using golden keys or passing items from another character
  • No quiting or traveling while enemies are aggroed (i.e. enimies are actively attacking you), if you are unsure wait 5 seconds to verify nothing is attacking you
  • You can go out of bounds but you must be able to re-enter the main area without save/quit, this includes getting stuck on a ledge above something like lava
  • Read-only/dashboard farming mission rewards is ok but only one of each mission reward can be kept per playthrough/reset (can reset UVHM to get another)
  • Read-only/dashboard farming chest rooms (i.e. Sanctuary after bunker) is ok but items can only be kept from ONE run per playthrough/reset (can reset UVHM to get another)
  • Death Race Tier 3 can only be completed once per playthrough (Once in Normal, Once in TVHM and Once in UVHM)
  • Before moving to OP levels (Digi Peak) you must have completed the main story line in UVHM (i.e. kill the warrior at least once)

Any issues or disputes will be decided by committee (TBD).

The winner will be decided by whomever is furthest in the story missions (playthrough then main story mission).
If two people are at the same point in the story (playthrough and mission) the winner will be whomever is the highest level.
If a final tie breaker is required, the winner will be decided by whomever has completed the most DLC content (only counted if the entire DLC is completed).
As stated before one of the main purposes for this challenge is to raise money for charities doing great things around the world. The charity selected for this challenge is Child's Play Charity. For more information on this charity please visity their website.
If you would like to donate to this charity please CLICK HERE. All donations will go DIRECTLY to the charity. If you have any questions please contact me through twitter.